Justdiggit Projects

We can restore Mother Earth, but it is time to take action. Through music and events we aim to make the re-greening of our planet a worldwide priority. We are doing this because we believe this is possible and by doing so we are supporting the Justdiggit re-greening projects in Africa. We want to inspire, motivate and activate, to let these projects upscale and accelerate.

Dodoma, Tanzania

Regrow- trees

By using the farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) method and re-introducing rainwater harvesting practices, Justdiggit aims to restore soils, re-green the area and improve the productivity of the land in central Tanzania. With the project Justdiggit will reach out to 300 communities in the Dodoma region, and thereby helping 194,400 households.

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Kuku, Kenia

Digging for re-greening

By digging more than 78,400 semi-circular bunds, equalling the size of the innercity Amsterdam – Justdiggit has brought back vegetation to this once degraded area, making it useful again for the local community.

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Amboseli, Kenya

Keeping the wildlife in Amboseli

Justdiggit is bringing back hundreds of hectares of forest cover to Amboseli National Park, which holds one of the largest elephant populations in Kenya.

Amboseli National Park is one of the most famous wildlife parks in the world. Unfortunately, the park and surrounding areas are severely effected by extreme droughts of several years.


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