Kuku, Kenia

Digging for re-greening

By digging more than 78,400 semi-circular bunds, equalling the size of the innercity Amsterdam – Justdiggit has brought back vegetation to this once degraded area, making it useful again for the local community.


In this project, Justdiggit managed to sucessfully re-green 885 hectares of severely degraded land, together with the local Maasai community and our local partner, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT). To recover this area, the Maasai community has dug 78,400 (!) rain water harvesting bunds. These stopped further erosion and enabled rain water to infiltrate into the soils again, which has led to vegetation to recover. Also, grass seed banks has been initiated and is now managed by Maasai women. This re-greened the barren area near their doma (small settlement). They harvest seeds and grasses which generates income while the landscape is restored at the same time!

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