Dodoma, Tanzania

Regrow- trees


Regrowing with Tanzanian farmers

Dodoma is the heart of Tanzania and home to the capital. With a surface of  41,311 km2 it has almost the size of the Netherlands. The population is 2,083,588 (2012), of which 90% depends on land for livelihood. The land is used for small-scale agriculture and livestock keeping.

Although communities in the Dodoma region (a semi-arid area) have demonstrated an amazing resilience to harsh environment and severe climate, the complex problem of deforestation, land degradation and climate change has continued to accelerate at an alarming rate, thus destroying the capacity of ecosystems to sustain biodiversity and to provide natural resources of water, and fertile soils.

There are millions of living tree stumps in farmlands, grazing lands and degraded forests in Tanzania with the potential to re-grow into trees, if they are given the chance. Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), in Tanzania also known as “kisiki hai” meaning “living stump” is a fast, low cost and sustainable method of regreening most degraded landscapes. FMNR plays an important role as trees not only prevent soil erosion, but also provide a wide range of services such as food, increased soil fertility, and fuel wood.

Together with our partners LEAD Foundation and MetaMeta and the local communities we have selected the interventions that will be implemented in the coming period. This program will consist of a combination of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) and rainwater harvesting techniques.

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