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The Raindance Project 2020-2030

Music unites, inspires and brings people together. Since there is no movement without rhythm, Justdiggit Foundation introduces The Raindance Project. We are the music- and eventlabel of Justdiggit and with simultaneous biennial events, we showcase the potential of landscape restoration to the world. We believe that music can play a vital role in spreading the message about re-greening the world.

Through music and with our events, we aim to raise awareness and funds for the Justdiggit re-greening projects in Africa. We want to inspire, motivate and activate farmers, citizens, governments, NGO’s and everyone who loves Mother Earth, to accelerate the re-greening of our planet. This is our unique and universal mission to restore Mother Earth through music and events and everyone can be involved in this global movement.

In Africa, our publicly accessible and free of charge events will be held in rural and drought-stricken areas, to inspire and activate millions of farmers across the continent to re-green their own land. Our dream is to be all around the world with The Raindance Project, for a greener planet.

Join us. We are ready to support the Justdiggit movement! How about you?

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"he who brings rain, brings life"

- African Proverb -

Justdiggit introduces The Raindance Project

We kick-off The Raindance Project with three simultaneous events in Kenya, Tanzania and the Netherlands. All events will be connected with a live satellite connection for everyone to follow. Our way to connect people and to show that we are in this together.

Our events focus on togetherness and uniting people all around the world. A mixture of renowned live artists, DJs, celebrities, comedians, African dance performers and scientists will be part of our line-ups. Together with you they will play a vital role in spreading the message and planting the seeds of change. We celebrate the amazing restoration achievements so far and show the urgency and potential to scale up across Africa and the world.


From 2020 onwards, every 2 years more countries across all continents will join this green journey. The power of music and events, artists, ambassadors and citizens worldwide can move mountains and The Raindance Project shows this strength in music and togetherness that will unify people and cultures.



A Greener Planet

We can still re-green 20 million square km of land, equal the size of Europe and China combined. In doing so we can provide water, food, biodiversity and a better life for millions of people and animals. But we need to act now and create a decade of restoration together as the solution to climate change!

To increase biodiversity and improve the livelihood of communities, water harvesting techniques are combined with planting trees and introducing climate resilient agriculture and agroforestry. Landscape restoration also has a positive effect on the regional climate by capturing CO2, reducing temperature and creating local rains. With more rains coming back, so does vegetation.

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Become a Rainmaker

And join our unique mission to restore Mother Earth.

Together with a network of change-makers, venues, festival promoters, artists, ambassadors and social innovators, we aim to build a world in which the unifying power of music contributes to the regeneration of the earth we all depend on.

Let’s unite the world for a greener planet.
Let’s start dancing for rain.
For he who brings rain, brings life…